price list

“Heavenly Bodies”, acrylic,  $1500
“My Life”,mixed media on paper, 22″x30″, $1200
“Inner Piece”, acrylic on canvas, $3500
“Sunday Evening”, $175
“Eddies and Flows”, acrylic, 22″x 30″, $1200
“Spin Off”, sold
“U turn”, mixed media, $275
“My Street”,mixed media, $300
“Clouds Over Plains”, mixed media, collection of the artist
“Name Game”, acrylic on paper,  30″x22, $1200
“Red , White, and Blue”, mixed media on paper, 22″x30″,$1200
“Day into Night”, mixed media, 15″x22″,$450
“My Life”, mixed media on paper, 22″x30″,$1200
” Heaven Bodies”, acrylic,$1500
“Sunday, Sunrise”, $175
“Shell Shocked “, mixed media,261/2″x35”, $500
“Sunrise/Sunset”, acrylic, $450
“Peek A Boo”, 15″x20″, $650
“After DeKooning”, mixed media ,22″x30″,$450
“Day into Night”, mixed media on paper, 15″x22″, $450
“Eddies”, acrylic, $1500
“Koi Pond”, mixed media , $950
“Butterfly Bush, watercolor,40″x32”
“Clustered”, watercolor on canvas, 24″x24″
“Iris Garden”,watercolor on canvas, 12″x16″,sold
“Late Afternoon Stroll”,watercolor,22″x28″
“Vintage Virginia 3”, acrylic, $1200

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